Over 1,000 Parliamentarians have signed the statement below calling for Financial Transaction Taxes. This includes 7 parliamentarians from Australia – 6 Parliamentarians from the Australian Greens (Senators Bob Brown, Richard di Natale, Penny Wright, Scott Ludlum, Lee Rhiannon and MP Adam Bandt) and Independent Senator Nick Xenaphon.

Parliamentarians’ Declaration for the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)


· We are committed to the implementation of taxes on financial transactions, such as shares, bonds, foreign exchange and derivatives, in order to raise substantial additional finance to combat poverty, climate change and health challenges and protect public services and jobs; and to improve the stability of the world’s financial system.

· In the light of the recent economic crisis caused by the financial sector and the immense costs to citizens in both the developed and developing world, it is time for the sector responsible to make a far greater contribution to help safeguard livelihoods and save lives.

· We urge Governments both in Europe, where some states such as France and Germany are already taking a lead, and in every country around the world, to take all steps necessary for an early introduction of FTTs, noting that progress by a coalition of willing states, or at the Euro-zone or EU level, is urgently required and entirely feasible.

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